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Brigit Group

10 Ridge Road, Laser Park, Honeydew

+27 11 794 2217
+27 83 459 1432
[email protected]

Core business offering: Brigit Group is a proudly South African company offering integrated, comprehensive protection solutions for a multitude of different businesses. It provides education, detection, containment, protection and suppression services, all of which are customised to the size and needs of each of its clients.


tel: +27 11 794 2217
fax: +27 86 627 3074
[email protected]
Cape Town

tel: +27 21 300 1452
fax: +27 86 627 3074
[email protected]

tel: +27 67 412 8349
[email protected]
Aupiais, Jacob
Sales Sprinklers & Valves
[email protected]
Barnard, Donald
Detection & Special Risk Sales
[email protected]
Britz, Toekie
[email protected]
Henning, Johan Jr
Systems Admin, Imports, Procurement
[email protected]
Henning, Johan
Operations Director
[email protected]
Mafabatho, Teboho
Fire Containment, Passive Fire sales
[email protected]
Van Zyl, Deon
Managing Director
[email protected]
Whitcher, Ivor
Gas Suppression Division Director
[email protected]
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(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
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Section - Fire protection products & systems
- Flame
- Lightning, surge
- Spark
-Audible indicators
- Safety
- Storage
-Cables & wires
- Insulation materials
- Metal clad
-Communications equipment
-Control panels
- IP
-Detectors, fire
- Video/thermal
-Detectors, flame
- Video/thermal
-Detectors, heat
- Video/thermal
-Door control, panic hardware
-Doors, fire
- Aluminium compartment
- Blast-resistant
- Steel, composite core
- Steel, roll-up
- Cable
- Conduit
- Connectors
News from Brigit Group:
3M passive fire protection
February 2015, Fire & Safety, Brigit Group

Proper installation of passive fire protection helps to restrict the movement of fire, smoke and toxic gases into adjacent areas and ensures that the integrity of the room stays intact.

GreenMist for fighting fire
January 2015, Fire & Safety, Products, Brigit Group

Brigit Systems has secured the distribution rights for GreenMist T-Rotor technology for sub-Saharan Africa. The product generates a very fine mist that has proved very effective in extinguishing most types of fires – class A,B,C and F.

Next-generation EnviroMist/GreenMist technology
October 2014, Fire & Safety, Brigit Group

Fire prevention company Brigit Systems recently hosted a presentation at its new headquarters in Honeydew to introduce the EnviroMist/GreenMist range of watermist fire suppression systems to the local market.

The technicalities of fire
September 2013, Fire & Safety, Brigit Group, Hi-Tech Security Solutions

Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to two of the larger players in the fire market about what technologies are available today and their usefulness in managing fire threats. We spoke to Derek Waddell from ...

Early and reliable fire detection
September 2013, Fire & Safety, Products, Brigit Group

Via a pipe system, Wagner's air sampling smoke detection system actively takes air samples from the protected area and transports it to an optical chamber.

Brigit Systems
June 2013, Security Services & Risk Management, Brigit Group

As a partner of international companies such as, Fike; SEVO Systems; Wagner and C-Tec, Brigit Systems offers training on all the fire suppression and fire detection systems it markets. “We feel it necessary ...

Sustainable fire suppression
February 2013, Fire & Safety, Brigit Group

Environmentally sustainable, efficient and effective fire suppression.

Environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent
February 2012, Fire & Safety, Brigit Group

SEVO Systems’ distribution partner for sub-Saharan Africa, Brigit Fire has a solution to environmentally hazardous fire suppressions systems. The SEVO FORCE500 System uses Novec 1230 fluid, providing ...

Clean agent fire suppression system
September 2011, Fire & Safety, Products, Brigit Group

The SEVO 1230 FORCE500 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is a new technology for clean agent systems that uses 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid and can be pressurised to 500 psi. It allows for ...

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