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AVeS Cyber Security

Unit 10, Argyle Office Park, 10 Tamarisk Avenue, Weltevreden Park Ext 83

+27 86 100 2837

Core business offering: AVeS Cyber Security is an IT governance and architectural services consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes gain confidence in their digital information. We combine expert knowledge and services with leading technology products to provide comprehensive information security, and advanced IT infrastructure solutions.

Cape Town

tel: +27 86 100 2837
Barracuda Networks
Check Point Software Technologies
Dell EMC
(Sub Agency, Installer)
Kaspersky Lab
McAfee Incorporated
(Sub Agency)
Solar Winds
Sophos Group
Trustwave Holdings
Veeam Software
Veritas Technologies
Section - Access control & identity management
-Access control readers & control units
-Card technology
- Magnetic stripe
- Touch memory (Dallas iButton)
-Control systems
- Card/keypad combination
- Multi-alarm capability
- Remote monitored
- Storage/backup control software
- Time & attendance integration
-Fingerprint analysis
-Electronic locks & accessories
-Intercom systems
- Video
- Voice
- Biometric
- Card/PIN
- Pushbutton
-Identity management policies
-Identity management systems
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Annunciators, lights
-Annunciators, sirens
-Annunciators, sounders
-Central station & remote monitoring equipment
- Remote controls with zone annunciation
- Remote light controls
-Control panels
- Arm/disarm stations
- IP/network
- Wireless
-Miscellaneous alarm equipment
- Batteries
- Cabinets & racks
- Installation materials
-Power or environment sensors
- AC & UPS power failure protection
- Surge protection devices
- Water presence/level
-Infrared beams, active
-Infrared, passive (PIR)
-Motion detectors
-Beams (see motion detectors)
-Contacts, door & window switches
-Emergency switches
-Motion detectors
- Infrared, passive
-Panic buttons
-Window grilles, alarms & shutters
Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
- Infrared
- Security
-Mounting brackets, accessories
-Transmission systems for CCTV
- LAN (Ethernet, LonWorks)
Section - IT infrastructure for security
-Cables & fibres
- Computer
- Twisted pair
-Enclosures, racks & consoles
- Cabinets - free-standing
- Cabinets - wall mounted
-Access control
- Biometric systems
-Computers & accessories
-Data encryption equipment
- Locks CPU & power switch
-Network security appliance
-Other components
-Other peripherals
-PC/notebook locking systems
-Physical asset tagging
-Secure IoT devices
-Secure storage media
- Hard drive
-Tracking & recovery solutions
-Unified threat management hardware
-Anti-phishing software/services
-Anti-virus/malware s/w
-Business continuity services
-Data backup/restore
-Data loss prevention
-Disaster recovery services
-Encryption s/w
-Governance & compliance s/w
-Identification systems
-IoT/Edge security s/w
-Network security s/w
-Password protection s/w
-PC/laptop/server security s/w
-Remote/hosted security s/w & services
-Risk management s/w
-Secure communication solutions
-Security info & event management platforms (SIEM)
-Security management platforms
-Data centre equipment
-Racks & enclosures
-Surge protection & power conditioning
-UPS systems
-Service providers
- Managed Service Provider (MSP)
- Network service providers
- Platform as a Service
- Software as a Service
- Storage as a Service
-Authentication & identity verification systems
- Access control solutions
- Biometrics
- Password management solutions
-Certificate authority/certification services
-Data privacy tools
-Encryption & key management tools & solutions
-Identity management/user provisioning
-Mobile security
-Network security
-Policy managers
-Usage management & monitoring
-Vulnerability assessments & penetration testing
-Wireless security
-BYOD solutions
-Communication security solutions
-Consoles - workstations, desk
-Network hardware
-Network management s/w
-Network optimisation
-Network security appliance
-Network security solutions
-Other networking equipment
-Portable wireless networking equipment
-Racks & sub-racks
-Routers & switches
-Wireless networking
-Wireless security solutions
-LAN/WAN solutions
-Network management solutions
-Remote access technologies
-Wireless technologies & mobile computing
- Routers
- Switches
-E-mail archiving solutions
-Storage management
- Backup/recovery
- Clustering
- Security
- Storage management
Section - Other security equipment
-Covert surveillance equipment
Section - Physical security - locks, safes & containers
Section - Service providers
-Geographical area served
- International
- National
- Regional
-Services offered
- Information/cybersecurity services
-Counter-intelligence consulting
-Disaster recovery services
-Fraud prevention services
-Risk assessments
-Security assessment & policy
-Risk assessments
-Technical focus
- Access control
- Identity management
- Information security
- Perimeter security, alarms & intruder detection
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Safe city
-Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
-Backup & recovery
-Business continuity services
-Disaster recovery
-Hosted/cloud services
-Monitoring services
- Remote/offsite monitoring
-Security as a Service
-Access control systems
- Access control systems
- Asset management systems
- Biometric systems
- Cloud-based/hosted systems
-Alarm systems
- Intruder detection, exterior (perimeter)
- Intruder detection, interior & building
- Market segment served - industrial/commercial
- Wireless
-Information security
- Cybersecurity monitoring systems
- Cybersecurity protection systems
- User monitoring solutions
-IT, network and data centre infrastructure
-Locks and safes
- Electronic locks
-Perimeter security
- Intruder detection (exterior)
-Surveillance systems
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Safe city
-Access control
-Alarms, intrusion, perimeter
-Eavesdropping countermeasures
-Fraud detection, prevention, investigation
-Networking technology
-Risk management
-Security management
-Software installation/configuration training
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Employees, their social media profiles and the devices they use to access a company’s network and resources provide a plethora of gateways into the infrastructure for cyber criminals.

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You can’t kick a rock these days without hearing about cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, you should not be talking, reading or hearing about one of these without the other.

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The development of general AI capabilities has seen an accompanying concern among some of the key players in the IT space as well as academics internationally.

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Organisations are demanding solutions that can effectively and accurately harness visual data to help improve their security, safety, and operational effectiveness.

SIM swap fraud expands
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A new wave of attacks targeting financial services and online services have become very common in South Africa and the wider region.

AI serving border security
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Recent border security improvements, including use of cutting-edge biometric technology, ensures everyone who enters and leaves a country is safely identified.

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