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Desert Wolf Consulting

Desert Wolf Estate, Graham Road, Tiegerpoort, Pretoria

+27 12 811 1168

Core business offering: Mobile systems in surveillance, mining, military and commercial applications. Systems engineering and solutions provider. Mobile diesel powered field kitchens, stoves, ovens and boiling pans. Logistical support custom build trailers and vehicles. Specialised drone technology, fixed wing, helicopter and multi rotor drones.

Kieser, Hennie
Desert Wolf Zambia
Chingola, Zambia
tel: (00260) 96 0162505
Luanda, Angola
tel: (00244) 222 637 000
fax: (00244) 222 637 038
Luanda, Angola
tel: (00244) 222 725 305
FLIR (government products)
(Sole Agency, Installer)
Pelican Products
(Shared Agency, Installer)
Teksam Mast Products
(Sub Agency, Installer)
Will Burt Military Systems
(Sole Agency, Installer)
Section - Access control & identity management
-Facial recognition
-Fingerprint analysis
-Iris recognition
-Retinal scan
-Blast resistant
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Motion detectors
- Video motion detectors
Section - Asset management
-Asset tagging systems
-Asset tracking
-Asset tracking systems
- Active
- Passive
Section - Building management
-Capital assets, rental & leasing solutions
-Enterprise asset management (EAM)
-Field service management
-Parts management
Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones
-Camera controls
- Multiplexers
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ indoor)
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ outdoor)
- Remote control devices
- Sequencers
- Switchers (alarm, manual & sequential)
- Switchers (microprocessor controlled)
-CCTV cameras
- Analogue
- Body-worn cameras
- Combination thermal & colour sensors
- Concealed, covert
- Fixed
- Handheld
- High definition (HD)/High resolution - analogue
- High definition (HD)/high resolution - IP
- Industrial use thermals
- Infrared
- Low light
- Network/IP
- Night vision equipment
- Portable
- UAV/drone mounted
- Ultra high-resolution
- Ultra high-speed
-Digital video systems
- Digital cameras (handheld)
- Digital cameras (mounted)
- Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Duplex recorders
- Event recorders
- Hard drives
- Remote monitoring systems
- Storage systems
-IP-CCTV systems
- Fixed focal length
- Panoramic
- Special-purpose
- Varifocal
- Zoom (motorised)
-Perimeter solutions
- Dual thermal/visual camera monitoring
- Perimeter video monitoring s/w
- Portable monitoring stations
- Thermal camera monitoring
- Thermal radar
-Remote surveillance systems
- Ethernet, TCP/IP, LAN
- Fibre
- GSM, cellular
-Service centres (for CCTV equipment)
-Thermal cameras
- Combination thermal & colour sensors
- Fixed
- Handheld
- Industrial use
- Long distance
- Portable
- Commercial
- Domestic
- Military
- Services
- Support & maintenance
- Training
-Vehicle CCTV systems
-Video analytics
- On-camera
- Remote
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
-Video multiplexers
-Video recorders
- Analogue
- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Hybrid
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Real-time or time-lapse (VHS or SVHS)
-Video sequencers
Section - Communications equipment
Section - Perimeter security
Section - Service providers
-Control rooms
- Design & construction
-Geographical area served
- International
-Services offered
- Remote video transmission
- Video analytics
-Risk assessments
-Safety audits
-Technical focus
- Access control
- CCTV, surveillance
- Control room design
- Enterprise solutions
- Identity management
- Perimeter security, alarms & intruder detection
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Control room design
-Eavesdropping detection services
-Engineering, project management
-Monitoring services
- CCTV surveillance
-Video analytics
-Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
News from Desert Wolf Consulting:
Desert Wolf Consulting
Securex 2017 preview, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Transport (Industry), Desert Wolf Consulting

Desert Wolf supplies rugged mobile solutions. With more than two decades’ experience, Desert Wolf strives to produce only the best logistical support trailers and complete military and commercial mobile ...

Security news:
TAPA conference 2019 explores layered approach to security
September 2019, News, Transport (Industry), Technews Publishing, TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association)

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) held its annual South African conference at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on 26 July 2019.

New Africa sales manager for Axis Communications
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, News, Axis Communications SA

Axis Communications has appointed Brendon Hall, previously the founder and MD of Pentagon, as its new sales manager, Africa.

ViRDI UBio Tab 5
September 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

ViRDI Distribution SA (ViRDI Africa) has announced the release of its long-awaited UBio Tablet to the South African market.

Hikvision helps secure African Union Summit
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, News, Hikvision South Africa

Hikvision established a complete intelligent video solution to ensure the security of the thirty-third African Union (AU) Summit held on 7 July in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

The hunt for the Carbanak group
September 2019, Cyber Security, News, Editor's Choice

Tomorrow Unlocked has released a free four-part documentary that tells the story of the notorious Carbanak APT group and its $1 billion bank heist.

Dashcams useful for more than social media
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Transport (Industry), Graphic Image Technologies

Logistics companies need to make sure that they have a complete solution that allows real-time driver monitoring and event notifications as they happen.

Becoming more cyber-savvy within the OT environment
September 2019, Cyber Security, Industrial (Industry)

Organisations running operational technology (OT) have increasingly come under cyberattack, with malware sending shockwaves through these sectors.

Argentine Railway chooses Radwin's wireless broadband solution
September 2019, IT infrastructure, RADWIN

Radwin's FiberinMotion will enable mission-critical applications onboard passenger trains, including CCTV, VoIP and future Wi-Fi connectivity.

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