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G4S Secure Solutions SA

Building 11, 13 Candela Street, cnr Jean Avenue and Olievenhoutbosch Roa, Centurion

+27 10 001 4500
[email protected]

Core business offering: G4S, an Allied Universal company, is a world-leading integrated security solutions provider and one of the largest in southern Africa. Offering far more than commodity products and services designed for security and risk management, G4S harnesses the power of technology to offer customers end-to-end security and cash solutions throughout the African continent.


tel: +27 53 832 8576
[email protected]

tel: +27 18 468 4709
[email protected]
Port Elizabeth

tel: +27 41 001 5032
[email protected]
Stanger (SMR)

tel: +27 32 437 3700
[email protected]

tel: +27 10 001 7782
[email protected]

tel: +27 10 001 4500
[email protected]

tel: +27 51 435 1610
[email protected]

tel: +27 11 823 4521
[email protected]
Cape Town 

tel: +27 21 527 3600
[email protected]

tel: +27 31 913 9100
[email protected]
East London

tel: +27 43 743 0741
[email protected]

tel: +27 44 873 6659
[email protected]
Jeffreys Bay

tel: +27 42 293 3028
[email protected]
Aucamp, Johnny
Sales Director - G4S Secure Solutions SA
[email protected]
Bester, Jacques
National Operations Manager: ESS (Technology)
[email protected]
Davis, Debra
Sales Support Co-Ordinator - Secure Solutions SA
[email protected]
Debideen, Ashwin
Operations Director - G4S Cash Solutions SA
[email protected]
Fourie, Andre
Regional Operations Director
[email protected]
Gajoo, Suveer
Managing Director - G4S Secure Solutions SA
[email protected]
Harmse, Celeste
Sales Manager - G4S Deposita
[email protected]
Oosthuizen, MJ
Technology Director (ESS) - G4S Secure Solutions S
[email protected]
Snyman, Wynand
Finance Manager - G4S Secure Solutions SA
[email protected]
van Rooyen, Cindy
Sales Support Co-ordinator - Secure Solutions
[email protected]
Axis Communications
Bosch Security Systems
CATVU Fencing Solutions
G4S Risk 360
(Sole Agency)
Gallagher Security
HID Global
Milestone Systems
Nimbus Solutions
(Shared Agency)
SYMMETRY Access Control
Teledyne FLIR
Section - Access control & identity management
-Access control readers & control units
-Actuators, door release
-Card technology
- Barcode
- Dual/multi technology
- Laser
- Magnetic stripe
- Optical
- Proximity
- Smartcard
-Control systems
- Card coding/deletion/programming
- Card/keypad combination
- Control reports
- Integrated building management
- Lift/elevator control software
- Multi-alarm capability
- Multi-building
- Remote monitored/hosted
- Time & attendance integration
-Facial recognition
-Fingerprint analysis
-Hand geometry
-Iris recognition
-Palm analysis
-Retinal scan
-Vein analysis
-Bullet resistant
-Delayed egress systems
-Door entry systems
-Electrically-powered door operators
-Electronic locking systems
-Exit systems
- Electronic
- Mechanical
-Fire doors
-Portals (mantraps)
-Revolving doors
-Security doors
-Vault doors
-Electronic locks & accessories
-Intercom systems
- Biometric
- Card/PIN
- Fire resistant
- Programmable
- Pushbutton
-Visitor management systems
- Cloud-based
-Visitor management/tracking systems
-ID card systems
-ID cards
-Identity management policies
-Identity management systems
-Laminators & accessories
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Annunciators, lights
-Annunciators, sirens
-Annunciators, sounders
-Central station & remote monitoring equipment
- Audio equipment
- Digital communicating equipment
- Remote controls with zone annunciation
- Remote light controls
- Remote release
- Reporting equipment
- RF telemetry equipment
- Video verification equipment
-Control panels
- Arm/disarm stations
- Graphic panels (icons)
- I/O expanders
- IP/network
- Microprocessor based
- Programmable remotely
- Remote stations
- Touch screen
- Wireless
- Zone expanders
-Miscellaneous alarm equipment
- Batteries
- Battery backup
- Battery testers/analysers
- Cabinets & racks
- Installation materials
-Power or environment sensors
- AC & UPS power failure protection
- Fire
- Gas/toxic vapour
- Humidity
- Lightning protection devices
- Surge protection devices
- Temperature
- Water presence/level
-Radio communications
- Antennas
- Base stations
- Outstations
- Transmitters
-Remote monitoring
- Direct wire
- GSM/cellular
- Wireless/radio telemetry/long-range
-Buried sensors
-Dual technology detectors
-Electromagnetic, field disturbance
-Electrostatic, field disturbance
-Fibre optic continuity circuits
-Infrared beams, active
-Infrared illuminators
-Infrared, passive (PIR)
-Loop detectors
-Motion detectors
-Portable intrusion detection
-Pressure sensors, buried
-Proximity sensors
-Seismic sensors, buried
-Shock detectors
-Taut wire systems
-Vehicle sensors, buried
-Vehicle sensors, drive through
-Vehicle sensors, magnetic
-Vibration sensors
-Volumetric sensors
-Audio detection
- Audio discriminators/microphones
- Transducer cable
-Beam protectors
-Beams (see motion detectors)
-Capacitance proximity detectors
-Contacts, door & window switches
-Continuity loops
- Door loops
- Electrical loops
- Window screens
-Emergency switches
-Frequency-tuned sensors
- Audio discriminators/microphones
- Dual detection
- Glass-break sensors (on glass)
- Piezoelectric
- Shock sensors
- Vibration contacts
-Light sensors
-Motion detectors
- Dual detectors
- Infrared, passive
- Microwave
- Photoelectric
- Strain/flex detectors
- Ultrasonic
- Video motion detectors
-Panic buttons
-Proximity sensor
-Seismic sensors
-Stress detection
-Vault alarm
-Vibration/shock detectors
-Window grilles, alarms & shutters
Section - Asset management
-Asset tagging systems
-Asset tracking
-Asset tracking systems
- Active
- Passive
-Electronic article surveillance (EAS)
-Personnel tracking
-Proximity deactivators
-Security printing
-Tags, permanent
-Tags, removable
-Metal detectors
-Metal detectors, walk-through
-X-ray screening equipment
Section - Building management
-Building information software
-Building management
-Energy supply & management
-Environmental monitoring
-Infrastructure solutions
-Lifts & escalators
-Lighting & electrical
-Software development & integration
-Sustainability solutions
-Capital assets, rental & leasing solutions
-Equipment maintenance
-Field service management
Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
-Anti-theft devices
-Consoles/enclosures for CCTV systems
-Housings, camera
- Domes/spheres/hemispheres
- Dust-proof
- Ergonomic (indoor)
- Explosion-proof
- Extreme environmental
- Heater/defroster kits
- High-temperature
- Integrated low-light enhancement
- Pressurised
- Radiation proof
- Special-purpose
- Vandal-proof
- Washer & wiper units
- Weather-proof
- Control devices
- Fixtures
- Infrared
- Portable generators & lights
- Security
- Alarm-type
- Audio & video
- Manual
-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones
-Video monitors
-Cables (fibre)
-Cables (network, PoE)
-Cables (power)
-Cables (speciality)
-Camera test targets
-Connectors (coaxial)
-Connectors (fibre)
-Gyroscopic stabilised platforms
-Light meters
-Mounting brackets, accessories
-Camera controls
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ indoor)
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ outdoor)
- Remote control devices
-CCTV cameras
- Analogue
- Body-worn cameras
- Combination thermal & visual sensors
- Concealed, covert
- Fixed
- Handheld
- High definition (HD)/High resolution - analogue
- High definition (HD)/high resolution - IP
- Industrial use thermals
- Infrared
- Low light
- Network/IP
- Night vision equipment
- Portable
- Simulated/dummy
- UAV/drone mounted
-Digital video systems
- Digital cameras (handheld)
- Digital cameras (mounted)
- Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Hard drives
- Remote monitoring systems
- Storage systems
- Video enhancement systems
- Visual verification systems
-IP-CCTV systems
- Fixed focal length
- Panoramic
- Special-purpose
- Varifocal
- Zoom (motorised)
-Multi-sensor cameras
-Perimeter solutions
- Dual thermal/visual camera monitoring
- Perimeter video monitoring s/w
- Portable monitoring stations
- Radar
- Thermal camera monitoring
-Point-of-sale (POS) systems
-Service centres (for CCTV equipment)
-Thermal cameras
- Fixed
- Handheld
- Industrial use
- Long distance
- Portable
- Riflescope
- Commercial
- Services
-Vehicle CCTV systems
-Video recorders
- Cloud-based video storage
- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Hybrid video recorders (XVR)
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Storage servers/arrays
-Physical security info management platforms (PSIM)
-Video analytics
- AI-enhanced analytics
- On-camera
- Remote/cloud-based
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
Section - Communications equipment
-Dispatch systems
-Emergency/security telephone
-Encryption for radio communications
-Fibre-optic systems
-GSM cellular
- Push-to-talk
- Standalone intercoms
- Talk-through communicators
- Telephone intercoms
- Videophone intercoms
-LAN/WAN/X.25/SAPONET interface
-Logging/playback systems
-Megaphones/loud hailers
-Public address & paging systems
- Standalone PA & paging systems
- Telephone paging systems
-Recording, audio/video equipment
-Secure telecommunications products
-Battery operated
-Digital (encrypted) radio
-Recording systems
Section - Fire protection products & systems
-Data centres/server rooms
-Educational premises
-Electrical generating plants
-High-rise buildings
-Petrol stations
-Alarm boxes, fire
- Flame
- Lightning, surge
- Spark
-Audible indicators
-Audio-visual indicators
-Bells - 24 V d.c.
- Extinguisher
- Fire alarm
- Fire rated
- Flammable liquid storage
- Hose
- Safety
- Storage
-Cables & wires
- Fire resistant
- Insulation materials
- Metal clad
-Communications equipment
-Control panels
- Analogue addressable
- Conventional
- IP
- Mimic
-Detectors, air sampling/early warning
-Detectors, duct
-Detectors, ember
-Detectors, fire
- Beam
- Gas (CO)
- Heat sensors
- Intrinsically safe
- Multisensor technology
- Optical
- Rate of rise
- Temperature
- Video/thermal
-Detectors, flame
- Combined IR/UV
- Infrared
- Multiple spectrum
- UV sensor
- Video/thermal
-Detectors, gas
-Detectors, heat
- Line type
- Tester
- Video/thermal
-Detectors, incipient fire
-Detectors, smoke
- Beam
- Cloud chamber
- Early warning/air sampling
- Explosion-proof
- Ionisation (smoke)
- Mass measuring type
- Photoelectric
-Detectors, spark
-Detectors, water leak
-Door control, panic hardware
-Doors, fire
- Aluminium compartment
- Blast-resistant
- Fire
- Metal clad
- Power-operated
- Steel, composite core
- Steel, roll-up
- Cable
- Conduit
- Connectors
- Firestop
- Safety wiring devices
-Electronic sounders
-Emergency lighting
-Evacuation systems
-Extinguishing agents
- Dry chemical
- Water based
-Extinguishing systems
- Water mist system
- Water sprinklers
-Fire blankets
-Fire doors
-Fire fighting equipment
-Fire rated glass
-Graphic displays
-Halon banking, recycling
-Life safety devices & accessories
- Emergency response supplies
- Signs & decals
-Manual call points (glass)
-Panic devices
-Portable fire extinguishers
-Pull stations
-Sprinkler, sprinkler monitoring systems
Section - IoT/IT security infrastructure
-Cables & fibres
-Enclosures, racks & consoles
- Cabinets - free-standing
- Cabinets - wall mounted
- Consoles - workstations, desk
- Racks & sub-racks
-Installation accessories
-Data centre equipment
-Racks & enclosures
-Surge protection & power conditioning
-UPS systems
-Wiring & cabling solutions
-Communication security solutions
-Consoles - workstations, desk
-Edge security solutions
-Network hardware
-Network management s/w
-Network optimisation
-Network security appliance
-Network security solutions
-Racks & sub-racks
-Routers & switches
-Wireless networking
-Fault-tolerant solutions
-LAN/WAN solutions
-Network management solutions
-Remote access technologies
-Wireless technologies & mobile computing
-Batteries - chargeable
-Batteries - non-chargeable
-Battery charging systems
-Battery packs
-Battery reconditioners
-Constant voltage transformer
-Fixed voltage
- AC-DC converter
- DC-DC converter
- Regulated
- Unregulated
-Frequency converters
-Generators, portable
-Lightning arresters
-Other batteries & backup power supplies
-Power cables
-Power conditioners
-Power failure warning system
-Power surge protectors & filters
-Solar power solutions
-Surge protection devices
-Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
- Continuous
- Standby
-Variable voltage DC
Section - Other security equipment
-Cash boxes
-Cash counting & verification systems
-Cash handling equipment
-Cash management solutions
-Cash register monitoring equipment (non-CCTV)
-Cashiers' counters
-Cash-in-transit vehicles
-Counterfeit money detectors
-Courier bags
-Currency bags
-Drive-up & walk-up windows
-Money packs, teargas & dye, marked money systems
-Pass-through compartments
-Pneumatic transfer systems
-Retail cash solutions
-Safety deposit boxes
-Time locks
-UV banknote inspection
-Vaults, modular
-Control devices
-Emergency lighting
-Exit signs
- Automatic operation (presence sensor)
- Infrared
- Shielded
- Vandal resistant
-Portable generators & lights
-Strobe lights
-Warning lights
-Drug testing equipment
- Alcohol screening/breath analysers
- Drug testing kits
-Other supplies
- Fingerprinting kits & supplies
- Polygraph truth verification equipment
-Security deterrents
- Other non-lethal deterrents
- Pepper spray
- Smoke/fog protection
-Security seals, bags and labels
-Guard booths & gate houses
-Guard rails
-Parking barriers
-Parking control systems, integrated
-Signs and decals
-Vehicle counting systems
-Vehicle ID systems
- 2-way radio, base-station
- 2-way radios
-Security guard accessories
- Bullet-resistant clothing/body armour
-Security guard huts, buildings, shelters
-Security guard tour management solutions
-Security guard tour reporting systems
-Explosive detection
-Non-lethal riot control
- Interior
- Perimeter
-Anti-hijacking systems
-Anti-jamming technology
-Fleet management systems
-Tracking devices
- Radio
- Satellite (GPS)
-Vehicle monitoring systems
-Vehicle tracking
Section - Perimeter security
-Barriers, vehicle
- Bollards
- Vehicle disabler
- Wedge
-Fences, electric
- Controllers, electric fence
- Insulators, electric fence
- Lethal energiser system (with alarm)
- Low-voltage surveillance (with alarm)
- Non-lethal energiser system (with alarm)
- Portable power fence auger
-Fences, non-electric
-Guard rails
-Outdoor wireless early warning alarm systems
-Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS)
-Gate automation, accessories
- Daylight switches
- Lightning protection
- Remote controls
- Safety beams
- Wireless transmitters/receivers/beams
-Gate automation/operators/motors
- Domestic slider
- Domestic swing
- Electromechanical
- Garage door automation
- Gate automation systems
- Gate operators, powered
- Hydraulically operated
- Industrial slider
- Industrial swing
- Solar
- Cantilever
- Double swing
- Folding
- Remote control
- Roller shutters
- Sliding
- Stockade
- Swinging
- Vertical lift
- Vertical pivot
- Full height
- Mechanical
- Optical
-Combination of lenses
Section - Physical security - locks, safes & containers
-Key control equipment
-Key making equipment
-Key management systems
-Key safes
-Key storage cabinets
-Key tags, identification & accountability systems
-Door holders, electronic
-Key switches
-Strikes, electronically released
-Timelocks, electronic
-Door closers
-Door holders, mechanical
-Door push & pull bars
-Emergency exit locks & alarms
- Cam locks (high-security)
- Combination dial
- Control systems
- Door & window
- Exit control
- Gate
- High-security pin tumbler (key blanks restricted)
- Keyless, pushbutton code
- Manhole cover
- Pushbutton
- Timelocks, mechanical
-Display cases, security
-Document waste storage containers
-Filing cabinets, burglary/fire resistant
- CIT drop safes
- Digital lockers/safes
- Retail drop safes
- Smart teller safes
- Weapons
-Safety deposit boxes
Section - Service providers
-Control rooms
- Design & construction
- Management
-Geographical area served
- International
- National
- Regional
-Services offered
- Alarm monitoring
- Logging
- Reaction & dispatch
- Recovery
- Video analytics
- Video management
- Video monitoring
-Cash management services
-Counter-intelligence consulting
-Disaster recovery services
-Drug testing services
-Employee screening/background investigations
-Explosives detection
-Fraud prevention services
-Guarding & outsourced security services
-Investigative services
-Psychological testing
-Risk assessments/audits
-Security assessment & policy
-Truth verification/polygraph services
-Fire protection
-Risk assessments
-Safety audits
-Security in general
-Technical focus
- Access control
- Asset management, EAS, RFID
- CCTV, surveillance
- Control room design
- Enterprise solutions
- Fire & safety
- Identity management
- Information security
- Perimeter security, alarms & intruder detection
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Safe city
-Armed reaction
-Couriers & secured transportation
-Escort services
-Executive & VIP protection
-Guarding services
-Investigative services
-Remote monitoring
-Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)
-Backup & recovery
-Building information services
-Business continuity services
-Control room design
-Disaster recovery
-Eavesdropping detection services
-Engineering, project management
-Hosted/cloud services
-Monitoring services
- Alarm monitoring services
- CCTV surveillance
- Guard monitoring services
- Reaction services
- Remote/offsite monitoring
-Security as a Service
-Video analytics
-Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
-Access control systems
- Access control systems
- Asset management systems
- Audio & video controls
- Biometric systems
- Cloud-based/hosted systems
- ID badge & card services
- Personnel booths & mantraps
- Revolving doors & turnstiles
- Smartcard systems
- Visitor management systems
- Visitor tracking systems
- Workforce management systems
-Alarm systems
- Intruder detection, exterior (perimeter)
- Intruder detection, interior & building
- Market segment served - industrial/commercial
- Wireless
-Communications systems
- Cellular, wireless
- Data communications
- Evacuation systems
- Radio, 2-way & paging systems
- Video/audio intercom systems
-Fire alarm systems
- Fire detection & early warning systems
- Fire suppression
-Information security
- User monitoring solutions
-Locks and safes
- Electronic locks
- Mechanical locks
- Safes & strongrooms
-Perimeter security
- Burglar proofing
- Electric fencing
- Gate & door automation
- Intruder detection (exterior)
- Non-electric fencing
- Parking barriers
- Vehicle detection
-Surveillance systems
- Covert surveillance
- IP/analogue surveillance
- Remote monitoring
- Video analytics
- Video management systems
-Vehicle security systems
- Parking control systems
- Vehicle tracking, fleet management systems
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Safe city
-Access control
-Alarms, intrusion, perimeter
-Eavesdropping countermeasures
-Fire detection, suppression, prevention
-Fraud detection, prevention, investigation
-Management/supervisor skills
-Networking technology
-Remote monitoring operator training
-Risk management
-Security guard training
-Security management
-Software installation/configuration training
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