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Wolfpack Information Risk

Building 1, Pendoring Office Park, 299 Pendoring Road, Blackheath, Northcliff

+27 11 794 7322

Core business offering: Wolfpack Information Risk is an independent information risk services company specialising in information and cyber threat management covering the full spectrum of prevention, detection, incident response and business resilience capabilities.

Rosewarne, Craig
CompTIA Training
(Sub Agency)
(Sole Agency)
PECB Training
(Sub Agency)
Section - IT infrastructure
-Anti-phishing software/services
-Anti-virus/malware s/w
-Business continuity services
-Data loss prevention
-Disaster recovery services
-Employee monitoring s/w
-Governance & compliance s/w
-IoT/Edge security s/w
-IT audit s/w
-Network security s/w
-Onsite security monitoring s/w & services
-Password protection s/w
-PC/laptop/server security s/w
-Remote/hosted security s/w & services
-Risk management s/w
-Security info & event management platforms (SIEM)
-Security management platforms
-Certificate authority/certification services
-Data privacy tools
-Policy managers
-Vulnerability assessments & penetration testing
-Wireless security
Section - Service providers
-Disaster recovery services
-Investigative services
-Risk assessments/audits
-Security assessment & policy
-Risk assessments
-Technical focus
- Information security
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
News from Wolfpack Information Risk:
Patient critical – healthcare’s cybersecurity pulse
August 2019, Cyber Security, News, Healthcare (Industry), Wolfpack Information Risk

The healthcare industry has become one of the leading cybersecurity attack vectors worldwide for several reasons.

The 4th Industrial Revolution
July 2019, Cyber Security, Security Services & Risk Management, Industrial (Industry), Editor's Choice, Wolfpack Information Risk

Most major industries have turned to and are reliant on technology to run their operations. This is a time of great promise, but also one of frightening peril.

Where are your crown jewels?
June 2019, Cyber Security, Security Services & Risk Management, Commercial (Industry), Wolfpack Information Risk

Understanding what data they store and analyse is gaining increasing urgency for organisations that are now accountable to new(ish) privacy regulations such as the GDPR and our PoPIA.

The enemy within – insider ­security threats
May 2019, Cyber Security, Financial (Industry), Editor's Choice, Wolfpack Information Risk

Insider threats in today’s financial world are insidious and destructive and your defence against insiders should start long before the person assumes his/her position.

Cyber/physical perils in hospitality
April 2019, Cyber Security, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry), Editor's Choice, Wolfpack Information Risk

How can we prepare for our holidays and avoid becoming the victim of a scam or data breach?

Halt, who goes there?
March 2019, Cyber Security, Editor's Choice, Technews Publishing, Wolfpack Information Risk

As long as organisations treat their physical and cyber domains as separate, there is little hope of securing either one.

2019 cybersecurity crystal ball
February 2019, Cyber Security, Editor's Choice, Wolfpack Information Risk

Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk says the cyber landscape will be more volatile and dangerous in 2019, are we ready?

Our dependence on cyber-connectivity
November 2018, Cyber Security, Government and Parastatal (Industry), Editor's Choice, Wolfpack Information Risk

The health, safety, security, economic well-being of citizens, effective functioning of government and perhaps even the survival of the industrialised world relies heavily upon interconnected critical systems.

CyberGym launches South African arena
October 2018, Cyber Security, News, Editor's Choice, Training & Education, Wolfpack Information Risk

Wolfpack recently introduced a new cybersecurity training service to South Africa. CyberGym is an Israeli company that specialises in real-life cyber training, teaching students with real world simulations.

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