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382 Kent Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg

+27 11 888 7251
+27 86 694 6682
+27 82 443 2147

Core business offering: Products, services and customised solutions for specialised security technology for industrial, mining, corporate and national key-point environments. A bespoke systems engineering house providing access control/automation, time and attendance, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and the custom integration of these. Original OEM partner for 'Babylon' access systems.


tel: (00267) 7172 4155
fax: +27 86 694 6682

tel: +27 11 888 7251
fax: +27 86 694 6682

tel: +27 72 412 5732
fax: +27 86 694 6682

tel: +27 78 023 0541
fax: +27 86 026 8828

tel: +27 71 674 0826
fax: +27 86 694 6682
Caietta, Diane
Carslen, Wayne
Branch Manager - Rustenburg
Flaum, Alvin
Flaum, Leor
Fortuin, Sidney
Branch Manager - Namibia
Hermann, Hendri
Branch Manager - Polokwane
Lotz, Chantal
Procurement and Administration
Manyake, Modi
Branch Manager - Botswana
Nel, Louis
Business Development
Steenkamp, Jan
Technical Manager
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Babylon (Autec)
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Navtech Radar
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Trak ASSA Abloy
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Veracitech Babylon Integration Solutions
Section - Access control & identity management
-Access control readers & control units
-Actuators, door release
-Card technology
- Dual/multi technology
- Proximity
-Control systems
- Multi-building
- Remote monitored
- Time & attendance integration
-Fingerprint analysis
-Hand geometry
-Iris recognition
-Delayed egress systems
-Door entry systems
-Electrically-powered door operators
-Electronic locking systems
-Exit systems
- Electronic
- Mechanical
-Portals (mantraps)
-Revolving doors
-Security doors
-Electronic locks & accessories
-Intercom systems
- Telephone
- Video
- Voice
- Wireless
- Biometric
- Card/PIN
- Programmable
- Pushbutton
-Visitor management systems
- Networked
- Standalone
-Digital video imaging systems
-ID card systems
-ID cards
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Buried sensors
-Dual technology detectors
-Electromagnetic, field disturbance
-Electrostatic, field disturbance
-Fibre optic continuity circuits
-Infrared beams, active
-Infrared illuminators
-Infrared, passive (PIR)
-Loop detectors
-Motion detectors
-Photoelectric beam
-Portable intrusion detection
-Pressure sensors, buried
-Proximity sensors
-Seismic sensors, buried
-Shock detectors
-Taut wire systems
-Vehicle sensors, buried
-Vehicle sensors, drive through
-Vehicle sensors, magnetic
-Vibration sensors
-Volumetric sensors
Section - Asset management
-Metal detectors
-Metal detectors, walk-through
-X-ray screening equipment
Section - Building management
-Building management systems
- Building information software
- Building management
- Infrastructure solutions
- Lifts & escalators
- Lighting & electrical
-Equipment maintenance
Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
-Anti-theft devices
-Consoles/enclosures for CCTV systems
-Housings, camera
- CCD cameras
- Domes/spheres/hemispheres
- Dust-proof
- Ergonomic (indoor)
- Explosion-proof
- Extreme environmental
- Heater/defroster kits
- High-temperature
- Integrated low-light enhancement
- Pressurised
- Radiation proof
- Special-purpose
- Tube cameras
- Vandal-proof
- Washer & wiper units
- Weather-proof
- Control devices
- Infrared
- Security
- Alarm-type
- Audio & video
- Manual
- Matrix
- Sequential
-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones
-Video monitors
-Video multiplexers
-Video recorders
- Analogue
- Hybrid
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Realtime or time-lapse (VHS or SVHS)
- Storage servers/arrays
-Video sequencers
-Cables (fibre)
-Cables (network, PoE)
-Cables (power)
-Cables (speciality)
-Camera test targets
-Connectors (coaxial)
-Connectors (fibre)
-Gyroscopic stabilised platforms
-Light meters
-Mounting brackets, accessories
-Camera controls
- Multiplexers
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ indoor)
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ outdoor)
-CCTV cameras
- Analogue
- Combination thermal & colour sensors
- Fixed
- High definition (HD)/High resolution - analogue
- High definition (HD)/high resolution - IP
- Industrial use thermals
- Infrared
- Low light
- Network/IP
- Night vision equipment
- PCB/board
- Portable
- UAV/drone mounted
- Ultra high-resolution
- Ultra high-speed
-Digital video systems
- Digital cameras (mounted)
- Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Hard drives
- Storage systems
-IP-CCTV systems
- Fixed focal length
- Panoramic
- Special-purpose
- Varifocal
- Zoom (motorised)
-Perimeter solutions
- Dual thermal/visual camera monitoring
- Perimeter video monitoring s/w
- Portable monitoring stations
- Thermal radar
-Remote surveillance systems
- Ethernet, TCP/IP, LAN
- Fibre
- GSM, cellular
- Other
-Thermal cameras
- Combination thermal & colour sensors
- Fixed
- Handheld
- Industrial use
- Long distance
- Portable
- Commercial
- Domestic
-Vehicle CCTV systems
-Video analytics
- On-camera
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
-Video multiplexers
-Video recorders
- Analogue
- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Hybrid
- Network video recorders (NVR)
-Video analytics
- AI-enhanced analytics
- On-camera
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
-Transmission systems for CCTV
- Cable test equipment
- Coaxial cable
- Fibre-optic cable
- Fibre-optic test equipment
- LAN (Ethernet, LonWorks)
- Twisted pair
- Wireless CCTV
Section - IT infrastructure for security
-Cables & fibres
- Coaxial
- Computer
- Fire-resistant
- Flat
- Optical-fibre
- Power
- Shielded
- Twisted pair
- Cable-to-cable
- Coaxial
- Optical-fibre
-Enclosures, racks & consoles
- Cabinets - free-standing
- Cabinets - wall mounted
- Consoles - workstations, desk
- Racks & sub-racks
-Installation accessories
- Splicing equipment (fibre)
-Cabinets - free-standing
-Cabinets - wall mounted
-Consoles - workstations, desk
-Edge security solutions
-Network hardware
-Routers & switches
-Batteries - chargeable
-Battery charging systems
-Battery packs
-Fixed voltage
- AC-DC converter
- DC-DC converter
- Regulated
- Unregulated
-Lightning arresters
-Other batteries & backup power supplies
-Power supplies for control panels
- Lead acid batteries
- Power supplies
- Transformers
- Trickle chargers
-Power surge protectors & filters
-Solar power solutions
-Surge protection devices
-Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
- Continuous
- Standby
-Voltage surge suppressors
-Digital video recorders (DVR)
-Hard drives
-Network video recorders (NVR)
-Solid-state disks
Section - Other security equipment
- Automatic operation (presence sensor)
-Drug testing equipment
- Alcohol screening/breath analysers
-Security deterrents
- Pepper spray
- Smoke/fog protection
-Security seals, bags and labels
Section - Perimeter security
-Barriers, vehicle
- Bollards
- Cable crash beam
- Crash-rated gate
- Wedge
-Fences, electric
- Controllers, electric fence
- Insulators, electric fence
- Low-voltage surveillance (with alarm)
- Non-lethal energiser system (with alarm)
-Outdoor wireless early warning alarm systems
-Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS)
Section - Physical security - locks, safes & containers
-Key control equipment
-Key management systems
-Key safes
-Key storage cabinets
-Key tracking systems
-Strikes, electronically released
Section - Service providers
-Engineering, project management
-Access control systems
- Access control systems
- Asset management systems
- Audio & video controls
- Biometric systems
- ID badge & card services
- Personnel booths & mantraps
- Revolving doors & turnstiles
- Smartcard systems
- Visitor management systems
- Workforce management systems
-Alarm systems
- Intruder detection, exterior (perimeter)
- Intruder detection, interior & building
- Market segment served - industrial/commercial
-Communications systems
- Video/audio intercom systems
-Locks and safes
- Electronic locks
-Perimeter security
- Electric fencing
- Gate & door automation
- Intruder detection (exterior)
- Non-electric fencing
- Parking barriers
- Vehicle detection
-Surveillance systems
- Video analytics
- Video management systems
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Access control
-Alarms, intrusion, perimeter
-Networking technology
-Software installation/configuration training
Integrating access with OHS and operations
November 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, VERACITECH

Veracitech has developed access control plug-ins on the Babylon platform to add certifications and key management decision-making to traditional access control.

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Unintended consequences of ­technology
June 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions, Leaderware

The development of general AI capabilities has seen an accompanying concern among some of the key players in the IT space as well as academics internationally.

Optimising deep learning for visual surveillance
June 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Organisations are demanding solutions that can effectively and accurately harness visual data to help improve their security, safety, and operational effectiveness.

SIM swap fraud expands
June 2019, Cyber Security, News, Financial (Industry)

A new wave of attacks targeting financial services and online services have become very common in South Africa and the wider region.

AI serving border security
June 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, IDEMIA

Recent border security improvements, including use of cutting-edge biometric technology, ensures everyone who enters and leaves a country is safely identified.

Securex 2019 video
June 2019, News, Conferences & Events, Videos, Securex South Africa

Securex 2019 is now behind us, and the organisers have made a video available, taken on the third day of the exhibition, highlighting all that was happening at the show. As can be seen, the visitors were ...

Powell Tronics enhances PT-Guest
June 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Products, Powell Tronics

Powell Tronics’ PT-Guest 2019 model brings a number of enhancements that increase user-friendliness and overall functionality on both the web application and the scanner option.

Suprema BioLite N2
June 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Products, Suprema

The BioLite N2 achieves a matching speed of up to 20 000 matches per second and accommodates up to 10 000 users – providing instant matching results with minimal lag time.

Explosion-protected cameras
June 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Industrial (Industry), Products, Axis Communications SA

New explosion-protected network cameras from Axis Communications can reduce health, safety and environmental risks.

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