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Specialised Battery Systems

23 Golden Drive , Morehill Ext. 8, Benoni

+27 11 425 3447

Iso Certification ISO14001 & 18001

Core business offering: Specialised Battery Systems product lines cover a range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications and computer backup to security and alarm systems, designing and assembling standard and customised battery cabinets and rack systems for clients’ individual requirements. In the battery back up business the two key words are reliable and competitive.

Milnerton, Cape Town

tel: +27 21 552 8632
Pinetown, Durban

tel: +27 31 791 2298
Botha, Gilbert
Technical Services Manager
Clark, Colin
Solar and Battery Sales
Mackay, Colin
Solar Manager
Orren, Bradley
Orren, Cole
Operations and Sales Manager
Benton (battery chargers)
(Shared Agency)
Ceil (solar batteries)
(Sole Agency)
CSB Batteries
(Sole Agency)
Eco Green Energy (solar equipment)
(Sole Agency)
Poweroad (batteries)
(Shared Agency)
Royal (batteries)
(Sole Agency)
SEC (solar batteries)
(Sole Agency)
Victron (solar equipment)
(Shared Agency)
Section - IT infrastructure for security
-Batteries - chargeable
-Battery charging systems
-Battery packs
-Other batteries & backup power supplies
-Power supplies for control panels
- Lead acid batteries
-Solar power solutions
-Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
- Continuous
- Standby
News from Specialised Battery Systems:
Range of grid-independent power systems
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2019, Residential Estate (Industry), Products, Specialised Battery Systems

SBS Solar has a range of solutions to provide power, save on costs and above all provide peace of mind.

Renewable energy for estates and homes
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2019, Security Services & Risk Management, Drensky Technologies, Technews Publishing, Specialised Battery Systems

While individual homeowners might choose to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for when there’s load shedding or a power failure, for an entire estate to harness its energy requirements from solar, and particularly their crucial security systems, would require that a large area of the property be dedicated to solar panels.

A customised solution for backup power
August 2019, News, Integrated Solutions, Specialised Battery Systems

Specialised Battery Systems designed and implemented a bespoke solution for Stallion Security Electronics to deploy at almost any site.

Solar energy storage systems
May 2019, Security Services & Risk Management, Products, Specialised Battery Systems

Specialised Battery Systems has a range of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) available, both standard and custom designed to suit customer requirements.

Securing a reliable source of backup power
April 2019, Security Services & Risk Management, Drensky Technologies, Mustek Security Technologies, Specialised Battery Systems

Dependence on a reliable and stable source of electrical power is a part of everyday life, whether for an individual or a business.

Security news:
The Open Security & Safety Alliance celebrates first anniversary
October 2019, News

Membership triples within first 12 months; ongoing industry work reduces market fragmentation and friction across security and safety landscapes.

Vox expands managed services with Mimecast
October 2019, Integrated Solutions, Vox Telecom

Vox has added Managed Mimecast to its suite of managed service offerings to provide customers with a more effective way of safeguarding their emails against spam and malicious attacks.

Drones and cybersecurity?
October 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Hacker drones can eavesdrop electronically on conversations, can perform network attacks, or can create fake wireless access points.

New LPR camera from Axis
October 2019, Products, Axis Communications SA

Dedicated licence plate camera for capturing clear images and easy integration with third-party software.

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