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Block D, Hurlingham Office Park, Woodlands Avenue, Hurlingham Manor

+27 83 252 5727

Core business offering: Secnovate offers both cybersecurity and homeland security solutions. Our compliance and risk management includes security assessments (vulnerability, penetration, DDoS and BCP/DRP), compliance readiness (POPIA/GDPR), network and end-point security solutions (malware threat detection and remediation), risk management solutions (secure communications), industrial cybersecurity solutions, consulting services and training.

Section - Asset management
-Asset tagging systems
-Asset tracking
-Asset tracking systems
- Active
- Passive
-Concealed EAS systems
-Electronic article surveillance (EAS)
-Electronic tagging
-Engraving & etching
-Hard tag detachers
-Label/tag activators/deactivators
-Label/tag applicators
-Labelling/tagging systems
-Marking materials for property
-Microdot ID
-Proximity deactivators
-Security printing
-Source tagging
-Unique chemical ID
Section - Communications equipment
-GSM cellular data/voice communications
-IP/network communications
-Secure telecommunications products
-Voice scrambling devices
Section - IT infrastructure for security
-Cyber surveillance equipment
-Data encryption equipment
-Secure IoT devices
-Anti-phishing software/services
-Anti-virus/malware s/w
-Asset/user tracking s/w
-Business continuity services
-Copy protection s/w
-Data backup/restore
-Data loss prevention
-Data shredders
-Disaster recovery services
-Employee monitoring s/w
-Encryption s/w
-Governance & compliance s/w
-Identification systems
-IoT/Edge security s/w
-IT audit s/w
-Network security s/w
-Onsite security monitoring s/w & services
-Password protection s/w
-PC/laptop/server security s/w
-Physical security info management platforms (PSIM)
-Remote/hosted security s/w & services
-Risk management s/w
-Secure communication solutions
-Security info & event management platforms (SIEM)
-Security management platforms
-Service providers
- Security service providers
- Software as a Service
-Automated security auditing
-Data privacy tools
-Encryption & key management tools & solutions
-Identity management/user provisioning
-Mobile security
-Network security
-Policy managers
-Remote access security
-Usage management & monitoring
-Vulnerability assessments & penetration testing
-Wireless security
-Communication security solutions
-Network security solutions
-Wireless security solutions
-Network management solutions
Section - Service providers
-Disaster recovery services
-Fraud prevention services
-Investigative services
-Risk assessments
-Risk audits
-Risk assessments
-Security in general
-Technical focus
- Enterprise solutions
- Information security
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Safe city
-Backup & recovery
-Business continuity services
-Control room design
-Disaster recovery
-Eavesdropping detection services
-Engineering, project management
-Monitoring services
- Remote/offsite monitoring
-Security as a Service
-Video analytics
-Access control systems
- Asset management systems
-Communications systems
- Cellular, wireless
- Data communications
-Information security
- Cybersecurity monitoring systems
- Cybersecurity protection systems
- User monitoring solutions
-IT, network and data centre infrastructure
-Surveillance systems
- Covert surveillance
- Remote monitoring
- Video analytics
- Video management systems
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Safe city
-Access control
-Eavesdropping countermeasures
-Fraud detection, prevention, investigation
-Management/supervisor skills
-Networking technology
-Remote monitoring operator training
-Risk management
-Security management
-Software installation/configuration training
News from Secnovate:
Addressing risks in the healthcare sector
August 2019, Security Services & Risk Management, Healthcare (Industry), Secnovate, Technews Publishing, ZKTeco

The healthcare sector poses unique challenges and risks. Hospitals, for example, need to have a more-or-less ‘open door’ policy when it comes to people entering the premises and the main reception area.

Tackling the insider threat
June 2019, Cyber Security, News, Secnovate

Secnovate and its strategic partner, Condyn, has run a series of executive briefings on insider threats, which represents a growing and important threat vector for all organisations, big and small.

Security news:
TAPA conference 2019 explores layered approach to security
September 2019, News, Transport (Industry), Technews Publishing, TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association)

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) held its annual South African conference at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on 26 July 2019.

New Africa sales manager for Axis Communications
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, News, Axis Communications SA

Axis Communications has appointed Brendon Hall, previously the founder and MD of Pentagon, as its new sales manager, Africa.

ViRDI UBio Tab 5
September 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

ViRDI Distribution SA (ViRDI Africa) has announced the release of its long-awaited UBio Tablet to the South African market.

Hikvision helps secure African Union Summit
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, News, Hikvision South Africa

Hikvision established a complete intelligent video solution to ensure the security of the thirty-third African Union (AU) Summit held on 7 July in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

The hunt for the Carbanak group
September 2019, Cyber Security, News, Editor's Choice

Tomorrow Unlocked has released a free four-part documentary that tells the story of the notorious Carbanak APT group and its $1 billion bank heist.

Dashcams useful for more than social media
September 2019, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Transport (Industry), Graphic Image Technologies

Logistics companies need to make sure that they have a complete solution that allows real-time driver monitoring and event notifications as they happen.

Becoming more cyber-savvy within the OT environment
September 2019, Cyber Security, Industrial (Industry)

Organisations running operational technology (OT) have increasingly come under cyberattack, with malware sending shockwaves through these sectors.

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