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Powell Tronics
Powell Tronics

Unit 19-4, The Waverley Complex, Observatory

+27 21 448 0156
+27 21 448 0152
+27 83 252 1025

Core business offering: Powell Tronics is a value-added distributor of globally acclaimed, leading security technology. Through a highly skilled team and decades of experience, the company addresses a wide range of security challenges from access control to biometric solutions, intrusion, VMS solutions, time management, educational solutions, visitor management and customised, integrated security projects.


tel: +27 31 312 1405
fax: +27 31 312 1456

tel: +27 11 234 6990
fax: +27 11 234 5686
Port Elizabeth

tel: +27 41 364 2655
fax: +27 41 364 2662
Cape Town

tel: +27 21 448 0156
fax: +27 21 448 0152

tel: +27 21 448 0156
fax: +2721 448 0152
Adams, Angelique
Accounts Controller
Austen, Mike
Sales - Johannesburg
Bushell, Matthew
Operations Manager
Ferraz, Zulmira
Technical Manager
Powell, John
PM Tronics Inc.
Florida, USA
tel: +1 727 249 8006
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Section - Access control & identity management
-Access control readers & control units
-Actuators, door release
-Card technology
- Dual/multi technology
- Magnetic stripe
- Optical
- Proximity
- Smartcard
-Control systems
- Card coding/deletion/programming
- Card/keypad combination
- Control reports
- Lift/elevator control software
- Multi-alarm capability
- Multi-building
- Parking management/control software
- Remote monitored
- Time & attendance integration
-Facial recognition
-Fingerprint analysis
-Vein analysis
-Door entry systems
-Electronic locking systems
-Exit systems
- Electronic
- Mechanical
-Electronic locks & accessories
- Biometric
- Card/PIN
- Programmable
- Pushbutton
-Visitor management systems
- Cloud-based
-ID card systems
-ID cards
-Identity management systems
-Laminators & accessories
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Annunciators, lights
-Annunciators, sirens
-Annunciators, sounders
-Central station & remote monitoring equipment
- Digital communicating equipment
- Remote controls with zone annunciation
- Remote light controls
- Remote release
-Control panels
- Arm/disarm stations
- Graphic panels (icons)
- I/O expanders
- IP/network
- Microprocessor based
- Programmable remotely
- Remote stations
- Wireless
- Zone expanders
-Miscellaneous alarm equipment
- Batteries
- Battery backup
- Installation materials
-Power or environment sensors
- Fire
- Gas/toxic vapour
- Humidity
- Lightning protection devices
- Surge protection devices
- Temperature
- Water presence/level
-Radio communications
- Outstations
- Transmitters
-Remote monitoring
- GSM/cellular
- Wireless/radio telemetry/long-range
-Balanced capacitance
-Infrared, passive (PIR)
-Motion detectors
-Proximity sensors
-Vehicle sensors, drive through
-Vibration sensors
-Capacitance proximity detectors
-Contacts, door & window switches
-Continuity loops
- Door loops
-Frequency-tuned sensors
- Dual detection
- Glass-break sensors (on glass)
- Vibration contacts
-Motion detectors
- Dual detectors
- Infrared, passive
-Panic buttons
-Proximity sensor
-Vibration/shock detectors
Section - Communications equipment
-GSM cellular
- Push-to-talk
- Standalone intercoms
- Talk-through communicators
- Telephone intercoms
- Videophone intercoms
News from Powell Tronics:
Visitor management for estates
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, Access Control & Identity Management, Residential Estate (Industry), Powell Tronics

Residential estates and business parks around South Africa have installed access control systems that aim to streamline access for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

IDEMIA and Powell Tronics on the road
November 2019, News, Powell Tronics

In the first week of September, Powell Tronics and IDEMIA hosted two breakfast roadshow events in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth respectively.

Closing the security loop for educational institutions
November 2019, News, Powell Tronics

The Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa hosted its annual conference in Port Elizabeth at the Radisson Blu Hotel and Conference Centre between the 15th and 18th September 2019.

The benefits of electronic visitor management
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Residential Estate (Industry), Powell Tronics

Access control is a critical aspect of estate security as it represents the controls put in place to restrict entry (and possibly exit) along the outer boundary of the location.

Reliability a fundamental in visitor management
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2019, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management, Powell Tronics

With the rapid evolution of biometric technology, there are many options available in the marketplace that promise varying levels of performance.

Wireless intrusion detection
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Products, Powell Tronics

Ajax combines the benefits of major do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional alarm systems to provide a system that is ready to install out of the box.

Estate expansion requires access convergence
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Residential Estate (Industry), Powell Tronics

Val de Vie sets the benchmark in secure estate living through the merger of two estates and the associated access and visitor management systems.

Customised access and visitor management
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017, Access Control & Identity Management, Residential Estate (Industry), Products, Powell Tronics

Electronic visitor management systems are generally seen as a cost centre. However, the benefits of deploying technology far outweigh the initial investment cost.

Bin the book, evolve to electronic
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Residential Estate (Industry), Editor's Choice, Powell Tronics

Hi-Tech Security Solutions looks for the solution to the visitor management issue by chatting to some industry visitor management veterans.

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