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Core business offering: Reditron re-imagines the electronic security world by inviting the challenges that will come with the future of the industry. Reditron has specialised in providing quality, cutting-edge equipment within the electronic security market since the 90s, with a unique combination of industry experience, international exposure and technical prowess. Reditron offers clients tailor-made solutions, CCTV surveillance, access solutions, technical support and national training, making Reditron one of the best in the security industry.


tel: +27 87 802 2288
fax: +27 11 887 1880
[email protected]

tel: +27 87 802 2288
fax: +27 86 750 5914
[email protected]
Cape Town

tel: +27 87 802 2288
fax: +27 21 510 4272
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tel: +27 87 802 2288
fax: +27 31 263 1616
[email protected]
Bekker, Peter
Dahua Product Manager
[email protected]
Lalin, Brett
[email protected]
Mahen, Sivsanker
Branch Manager- Durban
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Moore, Gordon
Sales & Marketing Director
[email protected]
Nortje, Morne
Account Manager Nelspruit
[email protected]
van Nieuwenhuizen, Alta
Branch Manager- Cape Town
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Dahua Technology
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Section - Access control & identity management
-Access control readers & control units
-Actuators, door release
-Card technology
- Proximity
- Smartcard
- Touch memory (Dallas iButton)
-Control systems
- Card coding/deletion/programming
- Card/keypad combination
- Control reports
- Integrated building management
- Parking management/control software
- Remote monitored/hosted
- Storage/backup control software
- Time & attendance integration
-Facial recognition
-Fingerprint analysis
-Hand geometry
-Iris recognition
-Palm analysis
-Retinal scan
-Vein analysis
-Electronic locks & accessories
-Intercom systems
- Biometric
- Card/PIN
-Visitor management systems
- Cloud-based
Section - Alarm systems - sensors, panels & systems
-Annunciators, lights
-Annunciators, sirens
-Annunciators, sounders
-Control panels
- Arm/disarm stations
- Graphic panels (icons)
- I/O expanders
- IP/network
- Microprocessor based
- Touch screen
- Wireless
- Zone expanders
-Digital communicators
- Digital communicators (standalone)
-Miscellaneous alarm equipment
- Batteries
- Battery backup
- Cabinets & racks
- Installation materials
-Power or environment sensors
- AC & UPS power failure protection
- Lightning protection devices
- Surge protection devices
- Temperature
-Dual technology detectors
-Infrared beams, active
-Infrared illuminators
-Infrared, passive (PIR)
-Motion detectors
-Photoelectric beam
-Portable intrusion detection
-Shock detectors
-Vehicle sensors, drive through
-Vehicle sensors, magnetic
Section - Building management
-Building information software
-Building management
-Infrastructure solutions
-Lifts & escalators
Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
-Anti-theft devices
-Consoles/enclosures for CCTV systems
-Housings, camera
- Domes/spheres/hemispheres
- Dust-proof
- Ergonomic (indoor)
- Explosion-proof
- Extreme environmental
- Heater/defroster kits
- High-temperature
- Integrated low-light enhancement
- Pressurised
- Radiation proof
- Special-purpose
- Vandal-proof
- Washer & wiper units
- Weather-proof
- Control devices
- Infrared
- Audio & video
- Manual
- Matrix
- Sequential
-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones
-Video monitors
-Video multiplexers
-Cables (network, PoE)
-Cables (power)
-Camera test targets
-Connectors (coaxial)
-Connectors (fibre)
-Gyroscopic stabilised platforms
-Mounting brackets, accessories
-Camera controls
- Multiplexers
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ indoor)
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ outdoor)
- Remote control devices
-CCTV cameras
- Analogue
- Body-worn cameras
- Combination thermal & visual sensors
- Concealed, covert
- Fixed
- Handheld
- High definition (HD)/High resolution - analogue
- High definition (HD)/high resolution - IP
- Industrial use thermals
- Infrared
- Low light
- Network/IP
- Night vision equipment
- Portable
- Simulated/dummy
- UAV/drone mounted
-Digital video systems
- Digital cameras (handheld)
- Digital cameras (mounted)
- Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Duplex recorders
- Event recorders
- Hard drives
- Remote monitoring systems
- Storage systems
- Video enhancement systems
- Visual verification systems
-IP-CCTV systems
- Fixed focal length
- Panoramic
- Special-purpose
- Varifocal
- Zoom (motorised)
-Perimeter solutions
- Dual thermal/visual camera monitoring
- Perimeter video monitoring s/w
- Portable monitoring stations
- Radar
- Thermal camera monitoring
-Point-of-sale (POS) systems
-Service centres (for CCTV equipment)
-Thermal cameras
- Fixed
- Handheld
- Industrial use
- Long distance
- Portable
- Riflescope
- Commercial
- Domestic
- Services
- Support & maintenance
- Training
-Vehicle CCTV systems
-Video multiplexers
-Video recorders
- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Hybrid video recorders (XVR)
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Real-time or time-lapse (VHS or SVHS)
- Storage servers/arrays
-Video sequencers
-Video analytics
- AI-enhanced analytics
- On-camera
- Remote/cloud-based
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
Section - IoT/IT security infrastructure
-Cables & fibres
-Enclosures, racks & consoles
- Cabinets - free-standing
- Cabinets - wall mounted
- Racks & sub-racks
-Installation accessories
-Authentication & identity verification systems
-Identity management/user provisioning
-Mobile security
-Network security
-Remote access security
-Usage management & monitoring
-Wireless security
-Edge security solutions
-Network hardware
-Network management s/w
-Network security appliance
-Network security solutions
-Other networking equipment
-Racks & sub-racks
-Routers & switches
-Wireless networking
-Wireless security solutions
-LAN/WAN solutions
-Network management solutions
-Remote access technologies
-Batteries - chargeable
-Battery charging systems
-Battery packs
-Fixed voltage
- Regulated
-Lightning arresters
-Power cables
-Power surge protectors & filters
-Solar power solutions
-Surge protection devices
-Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
- Continuous
- Standby
-Digital video recorders (DVR)
-Hard drives
-Network video recorders (NVR)
-Solid-state disks
-Storage management
- Storage management
Section - Other security equipment
-Exit signs
-Strobe lights
-Warning lights
-Parking barriers
-Vehicle counting systems
-Vehicle ID systems
Section - Perimeter security
-Barriers, vehicle
- Bollards
- Wedge
-Combination of lenses
Section - Physical security - locks, safes & containers
-Key switches
-Strikes, electronically released
Section - Service providers
-Security assessment & policy
-Access control
-Alarms, intrusion, perimeter
-Networking technology
-Remote monitoring operator training
-Risk management
-Security management
-Software installation/configuration training
News from Reditron:
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Analytics technologies are continually advancing to not only alert to potential threats, but also to reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

Perimeter challenges with CCTV
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Avigilon offers accurate and advanced self-learning video analytics that function at 250 m between cameras, even in total darkness.

Enhanced surveillance and backwards compatibility
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The residential security event provided Reditron with the perfect opportunity to present the advantages of various Pelco products for use in the residential estate market.

Home is where the surveillance is
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Home surveillance has become a sizable market with many companies putting quality products and management capabilities in the hands of users.

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Busy Spanish Port deploys integrated video solution for enhanced perimeter security.

The importance of CCTV training
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In this article we take a look at what suppliers are doing to provide installers with ­adequate CCTV training. A number of comprehensive courses are available and ­provide skills from the most basic level up to programming status.

Effective storage of surveillance footage
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Storage models have to be able to cope with both the sheer volume of surveillance footage acquired as well as ensure its integrity and accessibility. While there is still a place for DVRs and NVRs in the foreseeable future, this is destined to make way for options like SSD or edge storage.

Analytics, 4K and the cloud
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What changes should we be aware of in the surveillance market? What technologies are going to take the security camera out of security’s hands and make it a business tool? Our round-table attendees discuss these questions and more.

IP’s access control capture
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IP delivers many benefits to the access market, but it’s a case of slow and steady wins the race as companies gradually upgrade to hybrid solutions.

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