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Vision Catcher

4 Linley Place, 39 Berkeley Avenue, Bryanston

+27 11 463 9797
0866 075170
+27 82 788 5678
[email protected]

Core business offering: Vision Catcher provides 'Risk Inspired Solutions' innovating services and solutions, product selection, project management, consultancy, training, commissioning and site assessments. Over 40 years' exposure to risk related environments enables a common sense informed 'Risk Inspired Coach' covering military, wildlife conservation, business, IT, cybersecurity, security and environmental risk.

Admin, Ann
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Beazley, Niall
Managing Director
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Muir, Caroline
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Techie, Joe
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Sky-Walker MIS
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ThreatAware - Cybersecurity
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Section - CCTV & surveillance equipment
-Anti-theft devices
-Consoles/enclosures for CCTV systems
-Housings, camera
- Domes/spheres/hemispheres
- Dust-proof
- Ergonomic (indoor)
- Explosion-proof
- Extreme environmental
- Heater/defroster kits
- High-temperature
- Integrated low-light enhancement
- Pressurised
- Radiation proof
- Special-purpose
- Vandal-proof
- Washer & wiper units
- Weather-proof
- Control devices
- Fixtures
- Infrared
- Portable generators & lights
- Security
- Audio & video
- Manual
- Matrix
- Sequential
-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/drones
-Video monitors
-Video multiplexers
-Camera controls
- Multiplexers
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ indoor)
- Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ outdoor)
- Remote control devices
- Sequencers
-CCTV cameras
- Analogue
- Body-worn cameras
- Combination thermal & visual sensors
- Concealed, covert
- Fixed
- Handheld
- High definition (HD)/High resolution - analogue
- High definition (HD)/high resolution - IP
- Industrial use thermals
- Infrared
- Low light
- Network/IP
- Night vision equipment
- Portable
- Simulated/dummy
- UAV/drone mounted
-Digital video systems
- Digital cameras (handheld)
- Digital cameras (mounted)
- Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
- Duplex recorders
- Event recorders
- Hard drives
- Remote monitoring systems
- Storage systems
- Video enhancement systems
- Visual verification systems
-IP-CCTV systems
- Fixed focal length
- Panoramic
- Special-purpose
- Varifocal
- Zoom (motorised)
-Perimeter solutions
- Dual thermal/visual camera monitoring
- Perimeter video monitoring s/w
- Portable monitoring stations
- Radar
- Thermal camera monitoring
-Point-of-sale (POS) systems
-Thermal cameras
- Fixed
- Handheld
- Industrial use
- Long distance
- Portable
- Commercial
- Domestic
- Military
- Services
- Support & maintenance
- Training
-Vehicle CCTV systems
-Video multiplexers
-Video recorders
- Digital video recorders (DVR)
- Hybrid video recorders (XVR)
- Network video recorders (NVR)
- Real-time or time-lapse (VHS or SVHS)
-Video sequencers
-Video analytics
- AI-enhanced analytics
- On-camera
- Remote/cloud-based
- Server-based
-Video management systems (VMS)
Section - IoT/IT security infrastructure
-Access control
- Biometric systems
- Card readers
- Smartcard protection
-Computers & accessories
-Cyber surveillance equipment
-Data encryption equipment
-Encryption hardware
-Lockdown devices
-Network security appliance
-Other components
-Other peripherals
-Secure storage media
- Hard drive
- Magnetic tape & cassette
- Optical media
- Removable media
-Unified threat management hardware
-Anti-phishing software/services
-Anti-virus/malware s/w
-Asset/user tracking s/w
-Security info & event management platforms (SIEM)
-BYOD solutions
-Communication security solutions
-Consoles - workstations, desk
-Edge security solutions
-Network hardware
-Network management s/w
-Network optimisation
-Network security appliance
-Network security solutions
-Other networking equipment
-Portable wireless networking equipment
-Racks & sub-racks
-Routers & switches
-Wireless networking
-Wireless security solutions
-Digital video recorders (DVR)
-E-mail archiving solutions
-External/removable devices
-Hard drives
-Network video recorders (NVR)
-Optical drives
-RAID controllers/adaptors
-Solid-state disks
-Storage management
- Backup/recovery
- Clustering
- Security
- Storage management
Section - Perimeter security
Section - Service providers
-Fire protection
-Risk assessments
-Security in general
-Technical focus
- Access control
- Asset management, EAS, RFID
- CCTV, surveillance
- Control room design
- Enterprise solutions
- Fire & safety
- Identity management
- Information security
- Perimeter security, alarms & intruder detection
-Entertainment & hospitality
-Government & parastatal
-Industrial & manufacturing
-Residential estates
-Safe city
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